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Why is quality essential?

To start, let’s do an experiment. Imagine receiving two cards from two companies in the mail. These two companies offer the same services at the same costs, but only one thing sets them apart; the cards they sent you. Company A has a thin and fragile card and the colors are dull and bland. As for the B, the card is thick, solid, with vibrant colors and a clean finish. In this situation, most people would be more tempted to use the services of Company B, but why?

Potential customers identify the quality of marketing with the quality of your services and products. Thus, something as simple as a high-end postcard, may suggest that your company values ​​quality, and in this way, it influences the decision of the potential customer.

Sensory marketing

Lawrence Williams and Joshua Ackerman conducted a study on the environment of certain people and its impact on their purchases. This study showed that, in the waiting room, people who sat on softer and more comfortable chairs, versus hard chairs, were ready to spend 28% more on their car. Or, people who drank water from a heavier container believed that the water was of better quality than those who drank from plastic cups, for example. In conclusion, touch is a meaning that greatly influences our perception of things and our daily choices.

To conclude, the material choices that you make for your business are much more decisive than what you are led to believe. By choosing quality material, you will give confidence and attract more customers by giving a qualitative image of your company.

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