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Promotion tools

When the time comes to promote your company or an event, you can easily drown in the amount of possibilities available to us. This is why this article is there to help you find your way in this sea of ​​information.

First, for the promotion of an event, posters are essential. They can be found everywhere; on the subway, on the bus, on the street, etc. … They catch the eye or leave a trace in the reader’s unconscious.

Second, you have the flyers and leaflets that can be used for both event promotion and that of your company. They are relatively similar, but the flyer has the advantage of arousing curiosity and pushing people to unfold it. They are both easy to distribute or pick up at events and have the advantage of being able to hold much more information than a poster.

Third, there are the stickers; we can put them everywhere without paying anything, they are discreet, but as we see them everywhere, they make their way more easily in the minds of people.

Fourth, door hangers are a slightly different way of promoting your business or event. By hanging this piece of paper on someone’s door, you force them to take it down and take an interest in it.

In conclusion, all of these tools can be very useful for advertising. It’s up to you to choose the approach you want to use.

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