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Equip yourself for your delivery and take-out services

With the closure of restaurants and businesses in Quebec, deliveries and pickups have probably become more popular than ever. It is important not to neglect your brand image during this period because the competition remains active despite everything. So here are some ideas to help your business improve product presentation and packaging.

Sticky notes
Utilities: they allow you to identify products, close bags, thank your customer, and even decorate packaging with your logo.
They are often found in the form of rolls of round labels but it is also possible to turn to various formats.

Fabric bags
Usefulness: perfect for pick-ups and to reduce the use of plastic and paper bags, they can be personalized according to your needs.
They are recognized for their strength, their long-term usefulness and their daily visibility when people walk with them.

Usefulness: It is the ideal cardboard holder to offer discounts to your loyal customers or to promote your next event.
They are popular in all corporate settings because they are easy to transport, light, and durable.

Leaflet menus
Utilities: ideal for your customers to keep your menu at home to consult when they want to order a good meal.
We slip them into the bags intended for customers during deliveries and pick-ups, to facilitate their next order with you.

Combine it all, and thus improve your brand image with the locals. Never forget that even in times of a pandemic, taking care of your image is still just as important!

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